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Valdemoro Details

The Madrid province of Spain includes the town of Valdemoro, which is just 27 kilometers from the capital city of Madrid. Its proximity to Madrid means two things. First, discount and low price hotels are available that are still convenient to visiting Madrid, and second, that the town has become more of a suburb of the capital than its own, smaller town.Valdemoro is often thought of in conjunction to the Guardia Civil, or Civil Guard. In fact, it is home to an academy that is specifically for the children of the guards. For cultural information on Valdemoro, you must visit the Centro Cultural Juan Prado. It contains the main tourist office, as well as a theater. In a similar vein try the recreational center, where you can learn more about the town’s culture. There are a number of celebrations in the town that visitors might want to plan to catch. The Fiesta de San Marcos is in late April and the patronal celebration, or celebration of the town’s patron, is in May.