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Antequera, lovingly called the Heart of Andalucía by its inhabitants, is located in the Souther Spanish province of Andalucía. A city with a long history, Antequera has plenty to fill a weekend. Antequera was originally founded by the Romans, and went through the series of empire that dominated the Spanish peninsula. Highlights from Antequera's ancient past include the Dolmen de Menga, the Dolmen de Viera, and the Dolmen del Romeral. Dating from the medieval period are the Carniceria de los Moros and the Arco de los Gigantes, the first of which is the ruins of a Roman Villa, and the second of which is a arch erected in 1585. Also not to be missed are the Casa de los Pardo and the Casa de los Serrailler, two large townhouses constructed in the 20th century. Religious structures abound in Antequera. The most captivating are the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Loreto and the Iglesia San Pedro. Hotels in Antequera can advise good walking tours of these sites.Popular festivals are held throughout the year. During these times, Antequera cheap hotels fill with visitors. If you want to get the best rates at the discount hotels Antequera is home to, use early in the season, especially if you are going to be in town for Semana Santa or Carnaval. Antequera hotels give best rates to advance bookings.