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Casarabonela Details

ith a picturesque town hall square at its heart, Casarabonela is a quaint Spanish town of winding Arabic-influenced streets, situated on the western side of the Guadalhorce valley. The mountainous outcrop of La Robla, with a height of 563 metres, stands right in the middle of the municipal district, surrounded by olive groves and cornfields. The evidence of Roman times in the town remains in the form of two roads, and Arabic settlers later restored much of what was left of the Roman village, especially the fort, though the main sight to see these days is the Church of Santiago. Built in the gothic style on the remains of a mosque in the 15th Century, the church has been restored many times and is a major lure for tourists.Casarabonela is also a good base to explore the remains of two other settlements within the municipal district - Taivilla, which dates from the Roman era, and Los Villares, the old medieval village. To start your trip, check here at for the best accommodation deals including cheap hotels and discount hotels. Other interesting local spots are the shrine to the True Cross, La Hoguera cave and the Fuente Quebrada spring, while in the Chorredón area it is worth seeing the San Cristóbal and San Julián areas, and the Cortas and La Jácara hills.