Hotels in El Burgo

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El Burgo Details

The peaceful town of El Burgo offers natural beauty in abundance and the perfect retreat for travellers looking for a quiet getaway. Just an hour from Malaga, one of the main areas of interest is around the river Turon, which runs through the mountains, bringing with it gallons of clean water from the tributary rivers and providing a lifeblood for the multiple specials of fish and animals, including mountain cats and foxes, that can be spotted on its banks and in the surrounding trees.Peace comes at a premium, however, as there are less accommodation options - so be sure to book early with - especially if you are wanting a discount hotel. El Burgo was built on a hill and settled by the Celts, and offers many walking routes down and around the river. The most popular fiesta in the town takes place every February, and is a week-long celebration in honour of the Virgen de la Fuensanta. Few travellers who have visited El Burgo are not taken in by the town’s beauty, with some breathtaking views of the surrounding tree-lined mountains to be had.