Hotels in Istán

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Istán Details

The sea isnt the only attribute Spain has to offer its guests. Part of the country is dotted with magnificent mountain ranges and one village that is nestled in those hills is Istán. Istán hotels are some of the finest in this region. Cheap hotels Istán are high quality as well. This village is a quaint community whose history reaches as far back as the Moorish inhabitation of parts of Spain. Visitors will be enchanted by the beautiful mountain scenery and numerous spring water fountains. An important thing to remember when in Istán is that the streets are narrow and the best way to explore is on foot. Despite being a small village that time appears to have forgotten, the local community is friendly and visitors will find many entertaining pastimes during their visit. Discount hotels Istán are a good option. Hotels in Istán are in close proximity to the attractions. For culinary delights, one only has to look as far as the El Baron and Rincon de Curro restaurants. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the Serrania de Ronda hunting reserve. In order to sample the famous spring water of this region, a trip to the Presa de la Concepcion dam is a must see. Locals and visitors alike have been known to stop their vehicles just outside of town to catch the spring water in containers as it flows freely over the rocks. Istán has a lot to offer its guests in terms of history, relaxation, and natural wonders. For an amazing weekend, Istán has a lot to offer.