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With its whitewashed buildings and winding village streets, Maro is a real jewel on the Andalucian coast. The picture-perfect village is situated 53 kilometres to the east of Malaga and the ideal place from which to explore the nearby caves of Nerja, which were discovered in 1959 and now attract thousands of visitors every day to what is reputed to be the largest natural column in the world. The grand centre column in the Sala del Cataclismo stands 32m tall, and is believed to be a record, and there are also Palaeolithic cave paintings to be discovered.For a hotel in Maro or nearby, book with and take the hassle out of planning your trip, whether you want a business class room or a discount hotel options. The village dates back to the early Christian era, its first structure being the Roman fort, known as Detunda, meaning literally ‘defence.’ This is now the site of the Plaza de la Iglesia, the Casa Granade and the begining of Calle Ancha. One of the most picturesque avenues in the town is Calle Maravillas, where the sea can be seen from several positions. There are also spectacular views to be had from here of the surrounding countryside. Beside the Balcón de Maro are the Casa Grande and the ruins of the old sugar works, a 16th-Century building bursting with culture.