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Monda is a town of Malaga, found towards the southern regions of Spain. This fine municipality is beautiful, containing rich architecture and a style of life that is uniquely Spanish through and through. Travelers expecting the best of the country will not be disappointed with what Monda has to offer. It's close to the capital of the province, and provides reasonably priced Monda hotels that make it economical to take a vacation here.Exploring the city of Malaga is a great idea while you stay at Monda. You'll get the chance to see the Alcazaba Arabic fortress, along with the historical and famous Gibralfaro Castle. You don't want to miss out on the Bishop's Palace either, since it's very gorgeous. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover the Museum of Picasso, or even the Museo Municipal of Malaga, while you're at it. You'll love the services and the savings provided by the hotels in Monda, and you'll know you got only the best deals around with the reservations you made through