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    The name Melilla comes from the Berber word for ‘the white one.’ The town sits on the northern coast of Africa, on the Mediterranean, in the province of the same name. This autonomous city was once part of the Malaga province until it became independent in 1995. The population of the city is approximately 70,000 people. It’s incredibly diverse, with Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus living there, and the Spanish, Tarifit-Berber, and Berber languages are all spoken in this city.The city is basically divided into two cultures; the European culture that is similar to the rest of Spain, and the Amazigh culture that is only found in Melilla. You can choose an discount hotel in either area, depending on whether or not you’d like to stay in the more European zone or the more ‘foreign’ Amazigh zone. The city walls are still largely intact, protecting what still stands of the older city. The James Chapel, called the Capilla de Santiago in Spanish, is unique in Africa. It is the only true example of Gothic architecture on that continent. Melilla also has a great number of Modernist architecture, second only to Barcelona.