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The fertile Tierra del Campos is home to the province of Palencia. Here run the river Carríon and the Canal de Castillo. You can wander the ruins of the Monastery of Santa Maria (1066) at the Igelsia de Frónista and, in Baños de Cerrato admire the Visi-Gothic basilica of San Juan. If you have time and can spend a weekend in Palencia, go to visit Palencia, the regional provincial capital city. According to popular Palencia tourism, major Palencia attractions include the Cathedral. This is a Gothic structure with Renaissance aspects dating from the 14th to the 16th centuries. Be sure to visit the Crypt of San Antonio (7th century). Besides the Cathedral, Palencia sights include such ecclesiastic structures as the Church of San Miguel where El Cid wed Lady Jimena. You can wander through other churches in the old center. There are also other things to do in Palencia. Go shopping at the plaza or take a stroll in the riverside park Isla dos Aguas. For a glimpse of Palencia culture, visit the Cathedral Museum with its collection of art, including an El Greco.