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    Pontevedra is both a city and a province. The province includes lower estuaries and Vigo inlet. There is a bird sanctuary on the Islas Cies as well as the defensive walls at Baiona. If you can, go to see the Provincial Museum at the city of Pontevedra and visit Vigo. There are also many beaches to wander and parks to visit in this region. In Vigo, tourism focuses on its role as an old port city. Tourists visit the marina, walking along the waterfront. You can go shopping in Vigo on the waterfront oyster (Apedra) market. It is also, here, where you can catch a glimpse of Vigo culture. Many travelers come to see the fisherwomen shuck and peddle the oysters. It is one of several waterfront Vigo sights. Vigo attractions include the remains of a fort and a Mirador (Lookout) as well as the Universidade Popular de Vigo with its traditional musical instruments. Other things to do in Vigo include wandering the Parque del Castro or taking part in the Fiesta de San Xuan with its bonfires and processions.