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    This region offers tourists the chance to discover the idealized version of Spain. They leave their hotels in Andalusia to see the wineries, the olive groves and white towns. While staying in Andalusia hotels, travelers can wander the streets of Córdoba with its courtyards and flowers everywhere. They can visit the monumental structures of the Moors at Granada, Sevilla and Córdoba. Andalusia is also home to Jewish, Moorish and Roman structures, including the largest mosque in the world at La Mezquita. It is impossible to enjoy it in a weekend. Andalusia is wide and varied in its many attractions. Try to stay longer by booking, through, Andalusia cheap hotels or discount hotels. Andalusia can then provide you with plenty of opportunities to spend the money saved.While in Andalusia, you can hike in Spain’s biggest national park. You can also wander the strip called the Golden Mile. Be sure to visit the Rock of Gibraltar home to the famous Barbary Apes. Try the Arab baths located in various cities or towns. There are also many palaces to visit as well as cave paintings and ancient dolmens.