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      The region of Aragón conjures up the country where Catherine, Henry VIII of England’s first wife, grew up in. This is, as tourists soon discover leaving their hotels in Aragón, a land of valleys, hills and old city walls. You can stay in Aragón cheap hotels in order to spend time in the region. As for discount hotels, Aragón is worth saving money in many different ways. You can then hike, cycle or walk the region’s hills, valleys and the national park. You can also then afford to drive to such places as Zaragos with its three underground museums or stopping at the wineries on the way to Naval. If you plan to go, check with for the best in Aragón hotels. Enjoy the Mudéjat style of architecture in Aragón. These include the Tower of the Iglesia de Santa María Magdalena in Tarazona. In Sos del Rey Católico visit the old city walls. View the remains of a castle above the town of Uncastillo or the Roman ruins at Zaragos.