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If you like sandy beaches, high sierra lands and highlands, you will like to visit and stay in hotels in Cantabria. There are 72 beaches in this region, including those at Santander. Tourists leave their Cantabria hotels to go to Playa de la Magdalena or Playa de Brazomar. Some stay in Cantabria cheap hotels or discount hotels. Cantabria can then show them the beautiful beaches and introduce them to other sites. Check with for holiday accommodation solutions.If you spend more than a weekend, Cantabria can take you beyond its beaches into Oyambre Park. Another sight you should see are the Paleolithic drawings found in the Altamira Caves. You can see the reproductions of the drawings and the caves in the Nuevo Cava. Alternatively, for history lovers, you can go to San Vincente de las Barca to see the fortified walls and its 15th century church, Nuestra Señora de los Angeles. There are also the medieval ruins at Castro-Urdiales.