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    People visit hotels in Castilla La Mancha to marvel at the medieval fortresses, the steep cliffs and the windmills. Some save their money by staying in Castilla La Mancha cheap hotels so they can see the home of Ruta del Don Quiote’s love, Dulcimea in El Toborosa. Check with for ways to fit the region into your budget. Check out discount hotels, Castilla La Mancha can then show you why the author Cervantes, chose to make this region the background to his novel Don Quixote. If you stay more than a weekend, Castilla La Mancha can show you the windmills that dot its region. It can also introduce you to other attractions. You can leave Castilla La Mancha hotels to visit the numerous churches, synagogues and mosques in Toledo. It is no wonder another name for the city is the City of the Three