Hotels in Castilla y León

    Castilla y León Details

    Castilla y Léon is famous for its aqueduct of Segovia, the Gothic churches in Léon and Burges as well as the sandstone walls found in Salamanca. People flock from their hotels in Castilla y Léon to trace part of the route of El Cid as it enters Burgos. They visit from their Castilla y Léon hotels the 20 churches found in Zamora. Indeed, you cannot spend but a weekend. Castilla y Léon demands more of your time. It has a chocolate making center at Astorga and the inland beaches of Valladolid to amuse you. To save money, check with for Castilla y Léon cheap hotels and discount hotels. Castilla y Léon can then show you its natural and architectural wonders.Tourists come to Castilla y Léon to see the architect Gaudi’s Bishop’s Palace. It now houses the Museuo de los Caminos. There is the 15th century Castillo de la Mota in Medina del Campo. Take time, as well, to tour the restored 12th century stonewalls (Las Murallos) at Ávila.