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        The region of Communidad Valenciana consists of three provinces: Valencia, Castellón and Alicante. It is famous for its ceramics and known for its museums and old churches. Tourists come to hotels in Communidad Valenciana to go to the Museum de Belles Artes in Castelló de la Planna or to Valencia to visit the Museo de la Catedral. Others come to Communidad Valenciana to travel to Pensícola to see the 14th century Knight’s Templar Fortress. It later became a papal residence and now houses a history and art museum. Since it is hard to cover everything in a weekend- Communidad Valenciana has a lot to see and do, check with for affordable accommodation. Check for Communidad Valenciana cheap hotels or try for discount hotels. Communidad Valenciana then becomes accessible for those on a budget.While in Communidad Valenciar, explore the 15th century Palace of the infamous Borgias in Gandía. There is also the wild nature park, the Sierra de Espuña. In Valencia, take time to go to the Gothic Palacio de la Generalitat or visit its lively market. The city also has a river, River Túria and a lake, Lake Albufera.