Hotels in Galicia

    Galicia Details

    Galicia offers beaches, fishing, green hills and an abundance of rivers and hills or mountains. You can abandon your hotels in Galicia for visits to a cockleshell-covered church on Atox Island. You can also stay in Galicia cheap hotels so you can afford to play the various golf courses, go horseback riding, canyon repelling, bungee jumping, spelunking, or skiing. Stay for more than a weekend. Galicia is sure to entertain you. If you wish to visit the interior or go to Cabo Finisterre (Land’s End), you may need to consider less expensive accommodation. Check with to find suitable and affordable accommodation. This may include discount hotels. Galicia can offer you ancient Roman Bridges, a 16th century Seafarers’ Basilica and the famous Torre de Hercules. This Tower is the only remaining Roman era lighthouse in the world. People leave their Galicia hotels to visit and the other sights in the region. They may even attend the Shellfish Festival at O Grove or take in a spa on the island of A Tora.