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    The region of La Rioja features highlands, plains, vineyards and the Ebro River Basin. Some visitors come to hotels in La Rioja strictly for the wine. This is an internationally recognized and acclaimed vintage – a remarkable feat for such a small province. Travelers also arrive at La Rioja hotels to see the dinosaur tracks in the southern part of the region. Some reveal the foot and tail marks of a stegosaurus. Many people remain in La Rioja cheap hotels so they can afford to explore the countryside, including its architectural structures. They visit San Bartolomé, a French Gothic church with an 11th century Mudejar tower in Longroño. Help in finding affordable accommodation is available in They can show you discount hotels; La Rioja can show you the rest.Be sure to stay longer than a weekend. La Rioja has stone buildings and cobbled streets in Yanguas. There are old Roman bridges and remains in Longroño and Calahorra. There are many rivers to follow and mountains offering panoramic views. Yet, here, is always the wine available throughout the region but with its center at Haro.