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      The region offers its visitors a mountainous and valley landscape. Tourists come to Navarra, or Navarre, to see the Navarron Pyrenees. They leave hotels in Navarra to view the Salazar Valley, the Valle de Roncal and the Biodasoa Valley. There are the steep canyons for people to traverse, although some stay in hotels in Navarra to visit the Irati Forest with its dense beech tree growth. Many more people, however, come to Navarra and stay in Navarra cheap hotels and discount hotels. Navarra, after all, is home to Pamplona and its world famous Running of the bulls. This can drive up the costs of accommodations so check with for suitable and affordable accommodation.If you are going to Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls, you will need more than a weekend. Navarra, after all, does consist of more than the bull runs. In Olite, you can see old Roman walls and enjoy the wine of this “Wine Capital.” At Tudela you can view an excellent example of Gothic architecture in their Cathedral. At Viana, the Gothic interior of Iglesia de Santa María is awe-inspiring but of more interest is the grave marker of Cesare Borgia in front of this church.