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Otherwise called Euskad, Pais Vasco is a region many visit to get away from Spanish centers. This, as travelers to Pais Vasco hotels are aware, is Basque country. It offers a varied and dynamic landscape. There are green hills, industrial sectors, coastal cities and small fishing villages. Some come to the hotels in Pais Vasco to play among the sand of the beaches; others arrive to explore small walled towns with medieval streets. Even if you remain only a weekend, Pais Vasco has a lot to offer you for your enjoyment. Be sure to check with to help you obtain suitable accommodation in whatever area you choose. Consider Pais Vasco cheap hotels for a longer stay or discount hotels. Pais Vasco can then show you a myriad of attractions.While in Pais Vasco, visit the Bay of Biscay. Here you can find San Sebastián with its golden beaches and an ivory boardwalk. Go to Laguardia, a small, walled, town on the hills with good wine, bird watching and the Bodegas Palacio. Alternatively, visit Bilbao with its permanent market, the Catedral de Santiago and its Archeology, Ethnology and History Museum.