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    The kingdom or Principado of Asturia has a rugged coastline, thick Alpine forests and the steep and daunting Picos de Europa Mountains. If you come to stay in Principado of Asturia hotels, you can see fishing villages clinging tenaciously to the sides of steep cliffs as well as sandy beaches. These are some of the attractions of this area. Many ignore the beaches and stay in hotels in the Principado of Asturia so they can spelunk, climb or trek in the Parque Nacional Picos de Europa. They stay in Principado of Asturia cheap hotels so they can afford to take part in mountain-related activities. Some even hang-glide off steep drops; others take the cliff walk, at Llanes, after viewing the 15th century Basilica.It will take more than a weekend. Principado of Asturia is a place to see old Roman walls and baths at Gijón and pre-Romanesque structures. These include the Santa Maria del Naranco on Mount Naranco. You might want to check with for help in selecting the most apt accommodation, including discount hotels. The Principado of Asturia can be expensive in certain seasons.