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    Ciudad Rodrigo is a small but historically significant Spanish town located in the western Spanish province of Salamanca, part of the autonomous community of Castile-Leon. The city stands atop a steep, craggy shore of the Augeda River. People have lived here since prehistoric times. Over the millenia, possession of the city passed from the Celtic tribe of the Vettones, to the Romans, to the medieval Christian kings of Spain in the 1100's. The town received its current name after the old Roman settlement was revived in 1110 by Count Rodrigo Gonzales Giron, a Christian nobleman.Today, some of the most impressive monuments in Ciudad Rodrigo include the 13th century castle of Henry II de Trastamara, the Santa Maria Cathedral (which features an exciting blend of gothic and romanesque architecture), and the City Hall, which is of 16th century origin. Hotels in Ciudad Rodrigo are best booked via the Internet, especially if you're looking for some of Ciudad Rodrigo's cheap hotels. Use sites like to look up and reserve rooms in Ciudad Rodrigo hotels ahead of time.