Hotels in Playa de las Américas

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Playa de las Américas Details

Playa de las Americas is a vast, modern resort development on Tenerife, the largest island in the western group of Spains Canary Islands. Here visitors can relax in the sun and enjoy all the pleasures that a combination of sandy beach, ocean and a warm climate have to offer. After sunset Playa de las Americas has a vibrant nightlife. Visitors can stay at the hotels in Playa de las Americas, or spend their vacations in self-catering bungalows or apartments. Playa de las Americas hotels also have time-sharing plans. During the week or on the weekend, Playa de las Americas has plenty of activities. There are water sports, fishing and swimming though some people prefer the resorts pools to the black, volcanic sand of the beach. Beyond the grounds of the resorts there is the island of Tenerife itself with its villages and spectacular scenery. The island has Spains highest peak, Mount Tiede, a dormant volcano. It also has plants that are found nowhere else but the Canary Islands, such as the unusual dragon tree. Take an excursion to Barranco del infierno, a beautiful gorge with a waterfall, or hike into the Montes de Anaga, the rugged mountains north of the town of Santa Cruz. Enjoy the cool mountain air while experiencing some of the most thrilling views to be found anywhere. For discount hotels, Playa de las Americas travel information or Playa de las Americas cheap hotels, go to for details.