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    One of the most beautiful, charming towns in Spain to visit is Segovia. Not only does this town have the largest concentration of medieval churches and cathedrals to see, it also is home to the castle where Columbus petitioned Queen Isabel for funds to explore the new world. In more recent history, Segovia has turned into a fantastic place for visitors from abroad to explore with its shaded walks, lovely parks, and wonderful restaurants. The hotels in Segovia are nearly perfect in every way as well. They are staffed with employees whose sole desire is help you have the best visit whether you stay for a long length of time or just a weekend. Segovia is a great town for families to visit. Consider staying in one of the discount hotels Segovia has to offer for the best rates.A visit to Segovia wouldn’t be complete without touring the Alcazar Castle. Another exciting place to visit is the Roman Aqueduct, the best preserved in the world. Of course the Cathedral is the most famous and tallest structure in the town. It is absolutely worth the time to see. The Segovia hotels often have information about the attractions available. Be sure to stay in one of the Segovia cheap hotels to save money. See for more information.