Hotels in Dueñas Palace

    Dueñas Palace Details

    The Dueñas Palace is located in Seville, Spain, and is definitely an attraction you will not want to miss while you are visiting this city. This palace belongs to the Duchess of Alba, who is known for having more titles than anyone else has in this country. The duchess calls this 16th century palace home. Take special note of the painted tiles on the outer walls of the palace. They tell how the Machado brothers were born in this palace. The 'Palacio de las Dueñas' is open to the public only with appointment. However, it is still well worth your while to stop by the palace and look at it from the outside. It is a beautiful example of 16th century architecture, and its patios, gardens and flowers are truly a sight to see.

    Address: Calle Dueñas 5, 41003 Sevilla, Spain