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    Saint Elmo Palace Details

    The palace is a masterpiece of baroque architecture, completed in 1796 by Leonardo de Figueroa. Since its inception the palace has been home to many different people and passions. Originally opened as a naval academy, the Palace soon became a private home for the elite of Seville.Bourbon dukes and other titled Spaniards have called the Palacio home through the years and have left their mark either in décor or architecture. At the entrance to the palace visitors are welcomed by St. Telmo, the patron saint of navigators. In his hands he carries a ship and navigational charts. Palacio de San Telmo also gives visitors excellent view of Maria Louisa Park which is located on the palace grounds. Today, the palace is used as the seat of the government. Make sure to call first to schedule a visit at the palace, as there are only guided tours available.

    Address: Av. de Roma, El Arenal, Seville, Spain

    Phone: +34 955 001 010