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      Soria, in the Castilla y Leon region of Spain, is a very old town with a rich history going back to Roman times. Romanesque and medieval architecture blend attractively in the riverside town, and several days can easily be spent taking in the local wines and historic sites. The bustle of the summer season is in part due to the excellent vistas nearby and the architectural and archaeological gems on offer. The ancient city of Numantia helped put Soria on the map, and digs are on going. The Numantino Museum offers extensive write-ups and displays of this time period. From there through history you will want to skip to the 1500's, when the Castilian style architecture really took off. The Plaza Mayor showcases the House of the 12 lineages and both the old and new Town Halls. Just beyond in the historic district you will find the tower of Dona Urrica, and the Palace of Los Rios, a National Monument. Close your journey with a stroll down the Alameda de Cervantes, the main walk through the old district, and a glass of the famous Duero valley wine.