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              Tarragona is an industrial port in Spain’s Catalonian region. It was once an important ancient Roman town. Whether you are here for a vacation or just a weekend, Tarragona will show you Roman grandeur. Here you will see the ruins of the Amfiteatre Roma (Roman ampitheatre) and the excavated vaults of the Circus Maximus. Not far away is the Praetorium, which was once a townhouse for the Emperor Augustus. It was altered during the middle ages when it was used as a residence for kings. It now houses the Museu d’Historia. Another building, the Museu Arqueologic displays many Roman artifacts, including the famous Head of Medusa. There is also Les Voltes, a Roman forum.Visitors can also see the ruins of a twelfth century church, Santa Maria del Miracle. At the Passeig Arqueologic there are stone fortifications that predate the Romans, and for every visitor to Tarragona a stroll down the Rambla Nova to the sea is a must. Guests in Tarragona hotels can travel out of town to see the Arc de Bera, a 1st century triumphal arch, and the Aqueducte de les Ferreres, a 2nd century aqueduct. At the section of town called Serallo visitors can see fishermen auction off their daily catch. Nearby is the Necropolis i Museu Paleocristia, where both pagan and Christian tombs have been found. Hotels in Tarragona have rates to fit every travel budget. For information on Tarragona cheap hotels, discount hotels, Tarragona vacation packages, go to for details.