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      You will find that there are so many things to do in Teruel that you will need much more time than just a weekend here. The Teruel attractions may not seem like many at first glance, but what you will find is definitely cool. The province is steeped with an old world feel and the Teruel culture is reminiscent of the post Islamic architecture you will find all throughout. Teruel tourism will take you through abandoned and isolated villages complete with a medieval feel and through a spectacular countryside. You will want to be sure and visit the cave paintings in the mountainous terrain but are well concealed. Be sure to visit the San Pedro church which was the resting place for the two lovers, Isabel and Diego. This story is reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet with a Spanish twist. For the more adventurous, you will want to visit the Dinópolis theme park with activities and information on the discoveries of the 13 different archaeological dinosaur digs in Teruel. As you take in the many different Teruel sights, you will not want to neglect picking up some souvenirs along the way. Teruel shopping will provide you with just what you are looking for in your travelling mementos.