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    If you are planning to visit Toledo, you will be visiting one of the most historic provinces in all of Spain. A Weekend in Toledo will find you perusing impressive architecture and partaking of the Toledo culture filled with a Moorish influence. Toledo tourism will take you through many of the Toledo attractions which literally drip with a medieval atmosphere. On your list of things to do in Toledo, a visit to the Catedral de Toledo should be first. This cathedral is perhaps one the greatest Gothic structures in all of Spain. You will be moved by the 15th and 16th century artistic treasures on display within its walls. El Alcázar is another must see location as you take in the various Toledo sights. When shopping in Toledo, you would be remiss to not take advantage of the many handmade swords that this province is famous for making. These swords will display the damascene work which is the Moorish art of inlaying gold, copper or silver against the backdrop of matte black steel. The artistic value alone is enough to want to purchase one of these masterpieces. You will also find pottery available for purchase which this area is renowned for making.