Hotels in La Pobla de Vallbona

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La Pobla de Vallbona Details

The town of La Pobla de Vallbona is located in the region of Campo del Turia in the province of Valencia. It is just 22 kilometers outside of Valencia and a budget La Pobla de Vallbona hotel is a convenient choice for visiting the area because you can easily reach Valencia on the CV-35 or on Line One of the Valencia Metro. When you are searching for a discount La Pobla de Vellbona hotel on, you might also look under the parish names of Barrio San Jose, Casablanca, Gallipont, The Conard, Pla dels Aljubs, or Rascanya.The Ermita de San Sebastian sits next to the Calvary Puebla de Vallbona on a lovely square with a fountain. The Ermita Mas de Tous has a graceful barrel vault and some beautiful Corinthian columns and is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Other sites to visit include the 15th -17th century structures of St. James Church, a renovated Roman villa called La Casa Bernal, and the towns Ethnological Museum.