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        When visiting the city of Valencia, kids will love spending a few hours exploring and playing in the area Gulliver Park. Designed on Jonathon Swift's book Gulliver's Travels, a huge Gulliver is actually a playground, complete with slides and adventures. As the kids run around, in and over the figure they represent the Lilliputians, the very tiny people that thought Gulliver himself was a giant. The park is wonderfully maintained and always full of children and adults, plus there are lots of green areas beside the huge playground to picnic or just sit back and relax.Located beside the City of Arts and Science complex, the many surrounding attractions include the marine based theme park L'Oceanogràfic, as well as the state of the art planetarium L'Hemisfèric. Combined with these buildings is the Science Museum of Prince Felipe, which is another popular attraction for the whole family.

        Address: Antiguo Cauce del Turia, 46023 Valencia, Spain

        Phone: +34 96 3370203