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    Filled with 13th to 17th century Spanish history, visiting Valladolid will give you a small glimpse of the rich Valladolid culture. You will find so many must see Valladolid attractions that spending a weekend in Valladolid will not be near enough time. The Valladolid sights include several museums with each featuring a different part of the history of this historical province. There were many different events which took place here which are important to the history of Spain. When partaking of the tourism in Valladolid, you will want to be sure and see the Casa de Cervantes. This museum was once the house of Miguel de Cervantes, who was the author of the famed story of Don Quixote. You will also want to take time to see the Catedral and the Museo Nacional de Escultura or the National Museum of Sculpture.