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In the province of Vicaya (Bizkaia) in the Basque Country you can find the town of Muxika, also called Mugica. The town has been known by several names, though it was first mentioned in 1082 as San Vincente de Uharte. The name of Muxica comes from a line of the Avendano family who became quite wealthy and powerful in the region. If you stay in a cheap Muxika hotel, you will certainly be staying in an area with a far-reaching history. Check for a budget hotel in Muxika.The history of the town can be traced to the Paleolithic era. Findings in caves at Bolinkoba, Arenaza, Atexa, Santimamine, and Lumentxa have all proven that settlements existed here during that age. More settlements have been found dating from the Iron Age, including those at Arrola, Malmasin, and Bolumburu. Some of the most popular sites with tourists are the Roman settlements. Forua is popular in particular because of all the Roman remains that you can still see today. Also see the Puerta de San Juan, the Tree of Guernica, and the Casa de Juntas de Avellaneda.