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If you select one of the great hotels in Mora, Sweden, you will have the opportunity to delve into the early life of internationally renowned artist Anders Zorn. The famed painter, printmaker, sculptor and painter was born in this small town in the Dalarnas Län region in 1860. Visitors today can tour the home where he was born and peruse many of his works as they do.While art is a big deal for those who select budget hotels in Mora, this area does offer a whole lot more. Although Zorn might be Moras famous resident, this city of 10,000 people does have an infamous side as well. It was the sight of the 17th century Mora witch trial in which more than a dozen people were tried, convicted and executed. Located on Lake Siljan, this town is found on the west side of what has been dubbed Europes largest meteor impact crater at Siljansringen in the foothills of the Scandinavian mountain range. In addition to Zorns works, visitors will find the city is famed for its arts and crafts. There are also a number of historic sites here, including a Zorn-made statue of King Gustav Vasa.