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          Nestled in the mountains of Sweden lies the county of Jamtlands Lan. Sharing a border with Norway, the county is the 3rd largest in the country. Some of the popular destinations within the province include the cities of stersund, Oviken, Dvärsätt, Undersåker, and Bräcke. Visitors can book hotels in Jamtlands Lan through and come to enjoy the year-round skiing in the mountains as well as the unique cultural attractions of the area.Moose Gardens, just outside stersund is certainly worth a visit. Established in 1997, in addition to raising moose calves, the owners of this farm and tourist area also make an exclusive paper from moose dropping. This is one souvenir no one will have seen before! Jamtli, an open air museum showcasing traditional living styles, is good for those traveling with children. Also available for both singles and families with children is Lake Storsjon. Formed more than 9,000 years ago from a glacier, the lake has good boating and fishing as well as a nice legend. Supposedly there is a great lake monster, and locals will tease to see if you have spotted him. Use to find the best available deals on Jamtlands Lan hotels.