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      Budget hotels in Jonkoping are the best choice for visitors to this picturesque Swedish village on the southern tip of Lake Vattern. Jonkoping has existed as a municipality since the 13th century and is a hub for farming and agriculture with a popular Sandy sent back on 8 jan beach that runs through the town. Guests will enjoy the many attractions in the local area. The Match Museum is located in an old match factory and displays labels made for matches since the products' inception in 1852. The County Museum offers a rare opportunity to see authentic native folk arts including pottery.The village of Jonkoping is home to the Elmia Major Fair Exhibition Center which hosts events throughout the year. Many of the discount hotels in Jonkoping are situated within walking distance of the exhibition center. Outside of town is the Taberg Natural Area. The reserve is perfect for visitors hoping to get great views of the countryside. It is located on a hill with fantastic vistas, lush flora, and unique local fauna.