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Many people who travel through the countryside of this great country, often end up at some point in Kalmar Lan/ Sweden. Perhaps its because of the historical landmarks, or maybe its the fact that there are so many discount hotels in Kalmar Lan Sweden. Whatever the reason for traveling here, there are four points of interest in Kalmar Lan Sweden that simply must be enjoyed which are: the Alby Settlement, the Gettlinge Gravefield, the Eketorp Fortress, and the Ottenby Nature Preserve which helps to capture all the beauty of this land.This has only recently become a famous and popular tourist spot, likely because of the many cheap hotels in Kalmar Lan Sweden. This is a draw to get tourists to come and stay here, and the landmarks and amazing history make it that much more appealing to travelers. This is a vacation sure to please those who want to see a gorgeous countryside, but who also want to enjoy some of the best historical landmarks around.