Hotels in Gulf of Bothnia

      Gulf of Bothnia Details

      The Gulf of Bothnia accepts water from the Bay of Lule and the Lule River. People leave their hotels in the Gulf of Bothnia to visit one of the many islands in this ice-locked bay. There are at least 740 larger islands and some 1,000 islets to consider in your itinerary. The Island of Rödkallen is but one. You can leave your Gulf of Bothnia hotels to wander Klubbviken Island. Here you can dally on the huge sandy beach. There is also a red brick, Gothic Cathedral on the island as well as a House of Art. You can also find sandy beaches on the islands of Brändoskär and Sandön.If you plan to remain for a weekend, the Gulf of Bothnia has the inner wild sections of Gallivare and Kiruna for you to explore. To cut down on extra costs for the many possible excursions, check with for Gulf of Bothnia cheap hotels and discount hotels. The Gulf of Bothnia then can show you the sights of Luleå as well as Gammelstad.