Hotels in Lake Mälaren

          Lake Mälaren Details

          The water from Lake Mälaren rushes headfirst into the Baltic Sea. People come to stay in hotels in Lake Mälaren to give them access to many different sights around the lake. Some arrive at Lake Mälaren hotels to island hop. There are some 150 islands dotting the lake. To defray costs for your stay, you can check in for Lake Mälaren cheap hotels or discount hotels. Lake Mälaren with Stockholm, then becomes affordable for more than a weekend. Lake Mälaren then invites you to enjoy its castles, its islands and its museums.Be sure to visit Djurgården Island. It has an amusement park, a sumptuous rose garden, a biology museum and many forests to wander. On Drottningholm, you can see the Drottningholm Palace, the 18th century home of the Danish royal family. Do not forget to visit Stockholm. Here you can go to the Opera house, the National Museum, and the City Hall. Be sure to watch the changing of the guard and corss the many bridges connecting this city’s many island parts.