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          In southern Sweden, you can locate the region of Oresund. This is the granary of the country, a land of golden fields. It is also, as travelers to Oresund hotels soon discover, a land of beautiful sandy beaches and elegant beech forests. Here you can play golf and swim or play in at least one of three bodies of water. Tourists to hotels in the Oresund region can visit the Öresund, the Kattegatt and the Baltic Sea. In Malmo, you can stay in Oresund cheap hotels to afford a trip to Copenhagen just across the water. In Malmo, itself, you can wander the late 14th century moated castle of Malmöhus or visit the city museum. Here, there are two parks with exotic plants and flowers. There is also the German-Baltic, Gothic St. Peter’s Church with a 1611 altar and a 15th century side chapel.If you want to stay more than a weekend, Oresund can show you many varied sights. Check with for suggested accommodation including discount hotels. Oresund then becomes a possibility for your vacation. Consider visiting the Torups Slott, a 16th century castle or hiking the Ståneleden trail.