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Cheap hotels in Simrishamn are on a stones throw from the famous Simris Rune Stones in Sweden. The Simris Rune Stones are from the 11th century and can be found in a local vicarage. These one of a kind rune stones were rediscovered during the churchs restoration and have made Simrishamn a major tourist destination. Tourists will enjoy a tour of the church of Simris where the rune stones were discovered. At the Simris Museum, you can view the history of the rune stones including how they were discovered and other related historical information.Discount hotels in Simrishamn allow visitors to enjoy a stroll down the towns lovely Storgatan, or Market Street. This street is popular with tourists and locals. Quaint shops, restaurants, pubs, and more can be found along the Storgatan. Nearby, the famous castle of Glimmingehus is a popular attraction. This Gothic castle dates to the 16th century and is the basis for the famous book, The Wonderful Adventure of Nils.