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Sodermanland is a province in southeastern Sweden. It shares the waterways of Lake Malaren and a vast archipelago extending into the Baltic Sea with the provinces of Uppland and Vastmanland. This was the heart of Viking country, and it was from here that many of the Norse warriors set out to pillage and terrorize Western Europe. The countryside is dotted with medieval castles and old churches. Because of its close proximity to Stockholm, budget hotels in Sodermanland are often full, so its a good idea to book in advance.The capital of Sodermanland is the small city of Nykoping. This historic town was the scene of the notorious Nykoping Banquet of 1317, in which King Birger invited his brothers, Dukes Erik and Valdemar, to a banquet, and then tossed then into a dungeon to die. The story is retold every year in a colorful pageant in the Nykoping Castle. There is also a museum here, housed in the former governors mansion. Also be sure to see St. Nicholas Church, which dates back to the 13th century. Take the Tuffis tourist train from here for a great ride through beautiful countryside. There are plenty of picturesque communities for you to explore from your discount hotel in Sodermanland. Sodertalje, which dates back to the 9th century, is one of Swedens oldest towns. It has an excellent open air museum. Near the town of Trosa is Tullgarns Slott, the 18th century palace that was the favorite summer residence of King Gustav V.