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          Bromma Airport Details

          There are many ways to get into Sweden; however if you desire to go into the nicest airport in the entire country then you must fly into the Stockholm Bromma Airport. The city if Stockholm is the major city of Sweden and it is full of lovely airports to use to get there but the Stockholm Bromma Airport is definitely one of the best. There are many ways to get from this wonderful airport to your final destination and they include renting a vehicle, taking the bus, or taking a taxi, and all of these options are available at the airport.The Stockholm Bromma Airport has all of the amenities one would expect from a large airport in the city. The airport is public not private so the prices are right as well. The city of Stockholm is certainly one of the nicest cities in Sweden to visit on vacation and the perfect airport to use to get there is the Stockholm Bromma Airport.

          Address: Ulvsundavägen, 168 67 Stockholm, Sweden

          Code: BMA

          Phone: +46 10 109 40 00