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          Drottningholms Castle Details

          If you enjoy visiting castles and are thinking of going to visit the city of Stockholm any time soon then you definitely need to check out the Drottningholms Castle. This grand and stunning castle was once possessed by the Royal Swedish Family. This lovely castle is a wonderful combination of styles which were influences by many different times and countries.The Drottningholms Castle is one place in the city you must stop by and see. The castles in Sweden are some of the nicest castles in the entire world and you will not be disappointed by what you see here. The Drottningholms Castle has been through many changes of owners as well as changes to the buildings structure. There have been many rooms and galleries added through out all the years since it was built. Some of the most dramatic of changes were done in the year 1744 by crown Prince Adolf.

          Address: 178 02 Drottningholm, Sweden

          Phone: +46 8 402 62 80