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          In Sweden you will find many lovely museums and art galleries that you can go and visit while there in the country. The major city of Sweden called Stockholm is full of these wonderful places to visit. The Lars Bohman Gallery in the city of Stockholm is one of the nicest galleries in the entire city to visit. The gallery is full of contemporary art and happens to be one of the single most respected art galleries in the entire city of Stockholm.When you get into the city make the Lars Bohman Gallery one of your very first stops and see why they are so well know. There are five rooms in the gallery, which have on display many different types of media. If you like this type of art or simply like going to galleries then the Lars Bohman Gallery is the perfect stop for you in the lovely city of Stockholm.

          Address: Karlavägen 9, 114 24 Stockholm, Sweden

          Phone: +46 8 20 78 07