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          Strindbergs Intima Theater Details

          In the days of August Strindbergs life he found it very difficult to put on his plays at any theater due to his sometimes controversial writings in the plays he made. Although Strindberg is now considered to be one of the very best writers ever to come out of Sweden during the time he was actually writing he received much hassle when trying to sow his works. Strindberg has to found his own theater so he could get his work out there and seen by audiences who could appreciate what he was making.The theater he founded is called Strindbergs Intima Theater. The theater still puts on many classic plays by Strindberg. However it also puts on many other plays and has a quite wide range of shows to see there. Visit the website for the theater, if you would like to find out what show will be playing when you go.

          Address: Barnhusgatan 20, 111 23 Stockholm, Sweden