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          The Orion Theater Details

          The theaters in Sweden are surely some of the most beautiful theaters in the entirety of Europe. The theater in the city of Stockholm, Sweden is called the Orion Theater and it is a very popular spot for visitors to the city to go and visit. The Orion Theater is the largest avant garde theater in the entire city of Stockholm. The theater offers what will probably be the most interesting sometimes puzzling performances you will find in a theater setting anywhere.The Orion Theater is very well known all over the city for its very interesting shows and beautiful building designs. Due to the very popular nature of the shows they put on at the Orion Theater it is usually booked well in advance and you will need to a long time before you plan to go to make certain you will get a spot in the show of your choice.

          Address: Katarina Bangata 77, 116 42 Stockholm, Sweden