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          The Rosendal Palace Details

          Even kings need a summer retreat from all the stresses of life. One of the nicest royal retreats in the lovely country of Sweden is the Rosendal Palace. This beautiful palace was the palace of a Swedish king named King Karl XIV Johan. The Rosendal Palace has one of the most interesting designs of any other building located in the wonderful city of Stockholm in Sweden. The Rosendal Palace is definitely one of the most lovely palaces you will ever visit in the entire city.When you arrive in Sweden you will see many great building all around you that you simply must go and see while there in the city, one of the nicest of them will be the Rosendal Palace. The interior is available to see but only if you go on a tour of the palace during the summer months. Make the Rosendal Palace your first stop when seeing the sights of Stockholm.

          Address: Rosendalsvägen 49, Stockholm, Sweden