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    Hotels in Uppsala, Sweden, give vacationers a perfect starting point for tours of this city, which is considered one of the countrys largest. As the capital city of Uppsala Län County, Uppsala is a seat of government paled only by a few other metropolitan areas within this country. Located about 70 kilometers from Stockholm, Uppsala does have a higher calling. It is the ecclesiastical center of the country, serving as the seat of the Church of Sweden. As the home base for the churchs Archbishop, Uppsala is an important destination for Swedes and tourists alike.Discount hotels in Uppsala are centrally located to give holidaymakers easy access to this citys many notable sites. Perhaps one of the most notable attractions here is Uppsala University itself. Founded in the 1400s, this historic school is considered Scandinavias oldest university. The city is divided into two parts courtesy of the Fyris river. Other attractions here include Uppsala Cathedral, which is the largest church in all of Scandinavia; Uppsala Castle, which dates to the 1500s; and Gamla Uppsala, which is a pre-Christian town only a stones throw from the capital city.